Ihr Spezialist für Deammonifikation

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DEMON GmbH- your specialist for Deammonification

Please note, cyklar-stulz rebranded itself as DEMON GmbH. You may find further information in our October 2013 news release.

DEMON GmbH specializes in the refurbishment and optimization of wastewater treatment plants. Pooling resources with powerful local partners enables us to provide tremendous manufacturing, assembly, and automation capabilities.

Nitrogen removal

Deammonification appears as an attractive option for the treatment of high-strength ammonia streams and provides a high resource saving potential

The DEMON®-system is recommended for waste water with high ammonia content (> 200 mg/l).

Typical applications are:
• Reject water from anerobic digested sludge
• Leachate from landfills
• Manure
• Yeast industry
• Petro-chemical industry
• Fertilizer industry
• Food industry
DEMON GmbH  |  Rietwiesstrasse 39  |  CH-8737 Gommiswald  |  SWITZERLAND  |  Phone +41 55 290 11 41  |  5int9foe4@Ef9ssf6Dei7moe.n.x.cot'mk